Why are you reading this and not modding?

Long War Studios Partnered with Firaxis to release MODS at LAUNCH!
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First REAL Campaign mission #BeagleRush

2015 E3 Trailer

E3 Trailer before the release got pushed back.
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"Let's Play" XCOM 2

Jake and Garth from Firaxis play XCOM 2.

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"Lets Play" XCOM 2

Garth, Kevin, and Pete attempt a Guerrilla Ops mission.
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XCOM Stun Lancer Interview

Jake and Greg discuss the ADVENT Stun Lancer.
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XCOM2 Devs - MASS Chryssalids!

Mark and Pete attempt Legendary difficulty!

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Overwatch Changes to XCOM 2

Mark and Pete show the new "tweaks" to XCOM 2 that change Overwatch tactics.
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Psi-Op Showcase

Jake and Pete showoff the last class; the Psi-Op.
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LEGEND difficulty Play-Thru

Mark and Jake attempt a mission on LEGEND difficulty.
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